Fonthill Arches Lighting Installation by ACB Electrical

At ACB Electrical, we service the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. We provide electrical installations, repairs, preventative maintenance, and inspections to a variety of establishments from homes and schools to farms and municipal projects. Having your electrical systems run smoothly is integral to your business’ success. Faulty wiring or malfunctioning equipment can disrupt your schedule, costing you time and money. Trust ACB Electrical to quickly handle any electrical issues that arise. Schedule a free estimate today.

Whether you’re working new construction or completely renovating a room, ACB has the knowledge and skill to set up your electrical wiring for a variety of applications. We can design, build, and assist you in projects ranging from kitchen and bath lighting to security installation and wiring upgrades.

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Do your lights flicker or dim?

Do you deal with fuses popping or breakers regularily tripping?

Don’t live with a potential shock or fire hazzard, give us a call!

New wiring – new home construction, renovations, additions, commercial and retail offices
Maintenance – troubleshooting and repair

Rewiring – replace old knob and tube wiring, old ungrounded circuits or aluminum wiring

Electrical service and panel upgrades

Energy efficiency upgrades, including commercial and industrial efficiency lighting

Adding plugs and lighting where needed

Home electrical check-ups for real estate sellers and buyers

Residential | Industrial | Commercial

  • Panel Upgrades
  • Panel Surge Protections
  • Electrical Panel Installations
  • Smoke Detector Installation
  • Hot Tub Electrical Hook-up
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Ground Fault & Arc Fault Circuits
  • New Lighting
  • Pot Lights and Accent Lighting
  • Security & Landscape Lighting